Jan 14, 2010

Trying Something New

I've been wanting to start a consistent blog for some time now, but have not been sure exactly what my blog should be about.

My immediate thought was to blog about my family life...to post pictures of my little girl as she grows...to update people on the happenings of our family. However, my husband whom I love and adore is a little iffy about putting personal family pictures and information out there for the world to see. I get that and I will respect his wishes. I've created a private blog just for myself where I can post these types of things.

Now, on to this blog.

The company I work for has a close partnership with Compassion International. Through the years, this partnership has fanned the fire in my heart for the poor and needy. The fire was always there, but I now have a way to put "hands and feet" to the desire.

In addition, my church is also participating in what we call "The Radical Experiment." Again, another venue that is fanning the fire in me.

All this to say that my blogging desire now officially has a purpose...an outlet for the hopes and dreams I have to make the most out of this one life I have been given. A life that hopefully is not much about me, but is about the God I serve. To Him be the glory.

*Disclaimer-I in no way believe I am a gifted writer. I just want to make sure that I am utilizing all means possible to educate people on tangible ways they can make an impact in this world we live in. We have precious few years on earth, and I for one want to make the most of them. If one Compassion child is sponsored as a result of this blog...WELL WORTH IT.

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