Jan 18, 2010

Ways to help

I have come across several blog sites that are donating proceeds to Haiti from items they would usually profit from.

The Rusted Chain is donating $10 from every "Blessed" necklace to Compassion International. As of Friday afternoon, they had $900 raised. Awesome.

Pitter Patter Art will send you a free key fob for any donation made from her site (not sure how long this offer is available.)

Aaron and Jamie Ivey, who are in the process of adopting precious little Amos from Haiti are raising money through the purchase of this t-shirt:

For those who would just like to give, you can always go to Compassion's site and donate at any time.

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  1. amanda,
    i found your blog from your facebook link. kenya sounds so exciting. i'll be praying for a great trip. can't wait to hear how it goes!
    hannah (west) :)